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Nov 16, 2009 5:00pm EST
benefit of screening annually. >> katie couric will have much more on this story including reaction from the medical community about what it is saying. that is coming up at 6:30 on the "cbs evening news." >>> right now, friends and family are coming together to remember a 9-year-old boy shot in his own home. oscar fuentes was killed in an apartment on saturday night in the 1400 block of columbia road. amando troll joins us from the neighborhood with more. >> reporter: oscar's friends are out here sitting on the front step of the apartment building and when i spoke to oscar's relatives hours after he was gunned down, the picture they painted was quite different. they said on any given night, what you would see out here would be criminal, drug dealers and gang members and said one of the gang members followed the family into their apartment and when the family closed the door, he shot through that door, killing him. 9-year-old oscar fuentes was killed by a shot fired through the front door of his apartment when he was looking through the peephole. >> translator: we heard the shot. osc
Nov 25, 2009 5:00pm EST
. >>> the cbs news less than an hour away. harry smith in for katie couric. good evening, harry. >> why did they earmark billions of your tax dollars for pet projects. we will follow the money. >>> a high end chef serving up meals and hope for the homeless. those stories and a lot more on thanksgiving eve right here on the evening news right after 9news now. back to you. >> it is thanksgiving eve. have a good one, harry. thank you. >>> more trees will soon line the national mall. >> but first, two people have a lot to be thankful for this holiday after walking away from a fiery plane crash. we will be right back. >>> i'm peggy fox with moms like what are you thanksgiving for this year? we would love to hear yours along with how you plan to spend black friday. join the discussions on >>> two people lucky to be alive after a plane crash today in north carolina. the single-engine cessna 170b crashed and burst into flames in chatham county west of raleigh. emergency officials say two people inside somehow escaped serious injury much the cause of the crash now being i
Nov 23, 2009 5:00pm EST
and an exclusive investigation for them. and the evening news with katie couric. [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ >>> i'm peggy fox. are you traveling for this week? the family members involved. traveling could be stresful especially with people. go to for great suggestions for traveling for the holidays. >>> there are some alarming new numbers about how often children are watching television. and washington state studies find preschoolers spending two hours a day watching tv in daycare. that's on top of their two or three hours that they already spent watching television at home. they publish the journals and the pediatrics. >>> "new moon" rocketed to the third biggest weekend. earning more than $140 million in north america. and the blind side, they opened up in second place. followed by 2012, planet 51 and does' a christmas carol. >>> she's back. ♪[ music ] >> scottish singing sensation, susan boyle released her first cd. featuring the clas
Nov 2, 2009 5:00pm EST
than an hour away. katie couric has a preview. hi, katie. >> hi leslie. coming up an estimated 4.5 million americans are living with dementia. now doctors say there's a new approach to treating this potentially deadly disease. plus my exclusive interview with former vice president al gore on his new book which outlines solutions to global warming. we'll have those stories and more after 9 news now. leslie, back to you. >> we'll see you then. >>> well you have a couple more weeks to see the michael jackson concert film. sony pictures will keep this is it in theaters through at least the thanksgiving weekend. the announcement comes after the documentary from the rehearsals for jackson's cancelled comeback concert finished first at the weekend box office. this is it earned more than $21 million over the halloween weekend. worldwide the film earned more than $101 million in its first five days. >>> elton john has been hit by the flu. a spokesperson says the 62-year-old is hospitalized with a bad case of flu and a minor case of e. coli food poisoning but ut singer hopes to be released s
Nov 18, 2009 5:00pm EST
the magazine groups. >>> the cbs evening news less than an hour away and katie couric joins us live with a preview. evening. >> it's a story i know you have been covering. as the controversy continues. the cost isn't a factor, but is that true? and will the recommendation lead insurance companies to deny coverage for mammograms? we'll have a reality check. i'll also speak with secretary of health and human services. so all that and of course much more coming up tonight on the cbs evening news right after 9news now. derrick. back to you. >> thank you katie, we'll be watching. >>> a new exhibit featuring the office of the late tim russert is getting ready to open. here's a look at inside the world at the museum. russert's office featured his favorite books, family photos, and momentos of buffalo bills. the exhibit opens to the public this friday. >>> an exhibit featuring the history of girl scouts in the nation's capital opened today. it features relics from the largest organization dedicated to girls. visitors can see a collection of uniforms dating all the way back from 1910. there'
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5